Media release – Life gold pass goes the way of the dodo

The Turnbull Government has tonight abolished free travel for former parliamentarians.

The Parliamentary Entitlements Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 was passed by the Parliament.

The changes have abolished free domestic travel for all former parliamentarians, except former prime ministers. Former prime ministers will retain the right to travel to continue their public service following their time in office.

“The life gold pass for parliamentarians is a relic of a bygone era,” Special Minister of State, Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, said.

“The abolition of the life gold pass is one part of an extensive package of reforms to parliamentarians’ work expenses.

“The Turnbull Government is implementing the most comprehensive reform of parliamentarians’ work expenses in a generation.”

“Australians rightly expect parliamentarians and former parliamentarians to spend money efficiently, effectively and ethically.”

Author: senatorryan

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