Media release – Increased reporting of parliamentarians’ work expenses starts today

Today, the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) has published the first quarterly expense reports for current and former parliamentarians.


As part of the Turnbull Government’s comprehensive reforms to parliamentarians’ work expenses, reports will be published more frequently.


The move from six-monthly to quarterly reporting is the first step in increasing transparency and accountability. Following a planned IT upgrade, the frequency of reporting will increase to monthly.


“Australians are entitled to expect parliamentarians spend taxpayers’ money wisely, appropriately and accountably,” Special Minister of State, Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, said.


“More reporting means more opportunities for the public to understand how parliamentarians spend money in their offices and for travel purposes.”


The Turnbull Government has undertaken significant reforms to parliamentarians’ work expenses, including:

  • Establishing the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority – as an executive agency in April, transitioning to a statutory authority in July – to oversee travel expenses, prepare and publish expense reports and undertake audits into parliamentarians’ work expenses.
  • Abolishing the life gold pass for travel for all former parliamentarians, excluding former prime ministers and their partners.
  • Passing the Parliamentary Business Resources Act to simplify the administration of parliamentarians’ work expenses and inform a new framework for Members, Senators and their staff.


“The Turnbull Government has listened to the community and is undertaking these reforms to bring parliamentarians’ expenditure into line with public expectations.”


The reports have been published here. All inquiries about individual members’ and senators’ expenditure should be directed to IPEA (02) 6215 3000. Please note, to ensure timely reporting, another batch of quarterly expense reports will be released shortly.

Author: senatorryan

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